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05 August 2030 @ 04:29 am

Friends Only
R-15 IchiRuki site

  • This site contains some mature concepts so I decided to close it down to people I know. Please tread carefully.
  • If you want to look at IchiRuki arts, you may go to my twipple.
  • I made a directory of my arts below both for which are posted here as entries and those which are not (direct link). Some arts linked are public, some are linked to Friends Only posts. 
  • Please do not repost any art found here anywhere else without direct permission from me.


  *Update: 08/09/2012*

Click the stars and circles to see the pictures. The pictures open in a new window.


 2008-Early 2009 
Arts taken down from deviantART

Mid 2009-PRESENT

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16 August 2011 @ 12:56 am
I'm performing a friends-cut soon as I'm making my LJ close to people I know and talk to. >_< If you were cut, it just means we don't talk or know each other, and nothing personal. If you want to view arts, just go to my Twitter, it's linked in the right boxes.

Thank you for all those who followed me here from dA after I abandoned the place some years ago ( ; w ; ).